Here’s How You Can Speed By Competitors In The Race For New Customers With Marketing Automation

When You Want to Secure More Opt-in Leads,
Increase Conversion of Prospects
to Buyers of Your Products & Services, and
Maximize Customer Retention For Repeat Sales,
There Is One Dynamic Solution to
Automate Your Business

Hi Fellow Sales Closer,

Finding the right marketing automation solution involves two parts. One part involves the marketing automation consultant to customize the build to meet your unique business needs. The other part involves the software.

Jeff Traister is a Certified Ontraport Consultant, a marketing automation consultant who can develop the right strategy for your business.

Through his company Traister Creative LLC in Jupiter, Florida, Jeff is a marketing automation consultant who consults companies worldwide on the design, build and management of a viable system.

Once you have your marketing automation system in place, you can start to get opt-in leads, convert them into customers and generate revenues for your company or organization.

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Why Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation integrates several processes, some of which you may be doing now, in one software application. These processes include lead generation, CRM, email, ecommerce and more. Once you have a system in place, many if not most of these processes run automated 24/7, so you can earn money at any time during the day.

Not All Marketing Automation Consultants Are Equal

Unlike most automation consultants who are primarily technologists, Jeff Traister is a marketing automation consultant with over 30 years marketing experience. Plus he has an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Having a marketing automation consultant who understands direct marketing is a huge advantage in developing a viable marketing automation system to maximize your sales.

Unlike many marketing automation consultants who focus on the build, Jeff Traister focuses on the strategy that can give you a competitive advantage. The key to a successful automation system involves not just the technology, but how it interfaces with your target audience. Jeff Traister is a marketing professional who can help you convert your target audience from leads to customers.

Unlike large IT companies and consultants that often charge high rates, our fees for services can be very affordable for most companies, including if you are a small start-up.

What Marketing Automation Software Do You Work With?

Jeff Traister Certified Ontraport Consultant http://www.creativemarketingautomation.comJeff Traister is a Certified Ontraport Consultant. Ontraport is a leading marketing automation software provider. They designed their software for small business. Compared to other marketing automation software, it is less costly and easier to use with great technical support. As a Certified Ontraport Consultant, Jeff Traister can work with you from start to finish to custom build, manage and support your system.

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How Do We Start?

The first phase involves designing a system map of your current business and the one you seek to become. A system map is a flow chart that can include forms, rules, sequences, messages, sales orders and more. It basically shows the flow of information based on the interaction and behavior of the contact.

What Is The Cost?

The fees to develop a marketing automation system vary according to the needs of the client. Some simple systems can take a short time with little cost, whereas more complex systems can take longer resulting in higher costs. No matter what the cost, the objective is to build you a system in which you can increase your sales faster than if you did not have a system.

Start Automating Your Business Today

Time is a big factor in your business survival. The sooner you begin your marketing automation, the sooner you can boost your sales results. However, the longer you delay, the greater risk you have that your competitors will take away your business as they build their own automated systems.

In other words, marketing automation is NOT a luxury. It is a necessity to survive in the fast changing business world we live in today.

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